Sexual Gender Based Violence

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Haki Mashinani is focused on eradicating gender inequality by combating sexual harassment and gender based violence both at the community level and the work place.
From our experience in the flower farms and at the local outlets we appreciate that most casual labourers comprise of women. As such they are vulnerable to being sexually harassed at the work place, workers’ quarters and in the community.
On the verge of such a vice there lacks adequate reporting methods and sufficient justice processes in place to enable female workers easily report sexual harassment incidents and follow up on the same. This is despite that some farms have sexual harassment policies. Worse still is that because of the intimate intrusion opening up to narrate this incidents becomes a hurdle.
Haki Mashinani therefore creates awareness about sexual harassment to both the labourers as well as the farmers and advocates for transparent reporting mechanisms and disciplinary action to be taken. At the community level we advocate for police stations to have a gender desk manned by a female police officer who should be trained to receive and handle sexual harassment related cases in a manner that protects the dignity of the victim.

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