Leap Programme

Legal Education and Aid Programme


hrough this programme, Haki Mashinani creates awareness about widows’ rights, children rights, labour rights especially sexual harassment at the work place, property rights, succession and inheritance and pressing emerging legal, social and economic issues affecting societies.
It is achieved by;

a) Conducting legal aid and legal outreach activities usually in form of workshops and seminars. While conducting these activities, we get to collaborate with local entities such as community-based organizations and various NGOs which specialize in diverse areas in order to bring a rich experience to our participants.

Since 2015 we have created a network of resourceful and well informed advocates who are willing to provide pro-bono services to clients in dire need of representation and urgent cases. This has been achieved through the pro bono network scheme.

c) Self-representation
We know that justice delayed is justice denied. As such where pro-bono services are not available we offer basic training to potential litigants to enable them effectively and efficiently represent their cases in court. This includes helping litigants draft simple applications, petitions, appeals and bail applications.

d) Public Interest Litigation
Starting January 2018, we hope to take up cases that focus on public interest in collaboration with its partners. For a case to qualify for public interest litigation it must satisfy the following conditions;

i) A right or fundamental freedom is or has been denied, violated or infringed as per Article 22 of the Constitution; and
ii) The right or fundamental freedom affects a community, a group or class of persons, an association or the general public.

e) Capacity development
This involves imparting basic conflict resolution knowledge and skills to its target groups which will include; reconciliation, mediation and negotiation. Along with this are simple drafts and self-representation skills.

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