We appreciate the hardship that comes with being a widow, the need to access vital legal, economic, health and psycho-social support services which are not to easily available.

According to the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics 2014, an estimated 894,853 women are widowed. The majority live in the rural areas or slum settlements in towns.

Because we understand the challenges involved, we make a deliberate effort to minimize them by providing legal counsel to this group of vulnerable women that are often mistreated, and have their rights violated by being forced into cultural marriages, traditional cleansing rituals and are in most cases evicted from their matrimonial homes at the death of their spouses. As such we create legal awareness on the succession process, land rights and related widow’s rights to empower them safeguard their property and protect their dignity as well as that of their families.

We also partner with organizations involved in improving the welfare of widows. One such organization is the RONA foundation that provides widows with both psycho-social and economic services to enable them get an opportunity to improve their lives or better yet have a second chance in life to take care of themselves and their families.

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