Board Members.

Haki Mashinani Kenya is run by a Board of Directors of 7 professionals (2 men and 5 women). The Board members are responsible for the organization policy direction, financial and programme oversight. The Board is further divided into Committees.

Strategy and Resource Mobilization Committee:  mandated to fundraise for the organization and provide linkages with both traditional and non-traditional donors.

Networking and Partnerships Committee:  mandated to link Haki Mashinani with strategic partners whose goal is to advance the organization’s mission and vision.

Access to Justice and Advocacy: mandated to support the organization’s actions on legal services and linkages advocacy initiatives. The last Committee is the. Haki Mashinani is also run by a Secretariat.

Board Composition

The Board comprises of professionals who have expertise in the field of:

Programme Development and Management Professional;

Community Development Scientist and

Advocates of the High of Court.

HM’s secretariat is run by the Executive Director, who is responsible for overall leadership of the programme cycle implementation, financial control and public relations activities.

She reports directly to the Board of Director on the day-to-day operations of the organization.

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